Founded in 2012, Century Innovative Technology Limited (CIT) is a children’s multimedia company with the hit flagship property Bodhi and Friends. CIT is inspiring wisdom and compassion in children through immersive animation, games and other entertaining and educational interactive content.

Our mission is to foster the development of positive values and multiple intelligences in children. Our portal is designed to offer a professional, safe and child-friendly platform for parents and children to access an expert-curated selection of the world’s best content.

We believe every child is unique with a diverse range of multiple intelligences. Our edutainment portal integrates a holistic approach for optimal development and positive values in children to prepare them for lifelong success, a passion for knowledge and the courage to better the world.

CIT launched the award-winning 3D children's animation TV series in February 2014 on CCTV (China). Bodhi and Friends: Space Squad is an award-winning 3D animated television series produced by an international creative team. Bodhi and Friends engages young children in a world of adventure, amazing inventions and magical powers. As Bodhi and his friends work together to protect their home from evil invaders, an underlying moral theme and positive values are woven into each episode.

CIT is currently developing a children's online multiplatform network for web and mobile, featuring a 3D English learning program, animated shorts, music, web games, community games and mobile apps.

BodhiWorld is an expert-created edutainment learning portal that promotes holistic development to prepare children for success in the changing world by building virtues and expanding multiple-intelligences. All content has been developed or reviewed by early childhood experts and delivered in a fun, safe and intuitive way.

Bodhi Galaxy English

Bodhi Galaxy is an interactive online English foundation skills program aligned to the Cambridge Young Learners ExaminationTM developed by leading international educational experts to help children, 8 and under, learn English in an entertaining and engaging way! Bodhi Galaxy spans 36-levels of thematic planets for learners in all 3 key stages of language development: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


CIT offers a range of EdApps to develop the multiple intelligence of a student.

Bodhi Karting

(Target age: 6-10)

Bodhi Karting helps develop logical-mathematical intelligence. Children can have fun solving math problems while driving to the finish line in a thrilling race.

Bodhi Star Catcher

(Target age: 6-10)

In Bodhi Star Catcher, children practice their multiplication skills to enhance their logical-mathematical intelligence.

Bodhi Run

(Target age: 3-10)

Children will have fun developing their bodily-kinesthetic intelligence with Bodhi in Bodhi Run.

Color Kaboom

(Target age: 3-8)

Color Kaboom helps children improve their visual-spatial intelligence, fine motor skills and reflexes.

Talking Bodhi

(Target age: 0-10)

Interacting with Talking Bodhi improves a child’s interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Children will have hours of fun interacting with Bodhi and hearing him hilariously transform what they say to him.

Jelly Jailbreak

(Target age: 5-10)

Children will engage their visual-spatial intelligence to help Bodhi save jellyheads.

Social Game (Target age: 6-10)

Bodhi and Friends English EdVenture is an interactive multiplatform game. The modern animation and exciting story lines ensure that children will not only be eager to learn English, but also continue their learning journey on their own.

Bodhi Tycoon (Financial Management) (Target age: 6-10)

Bodhi Tycoon takes place in a multiplayer virtual world packed with mini games, missions, and shops. Children will have their own virtual Bodhi and Friends avatars that they can customize, dress up, and run a virtual ice cream shop to gain a better understanding of finance.

Bodhi Travel (Target age: 6-10)

In cooperation with Regal Hotels, Bodhi and Friends is developing a revolutionary O2O travel rewards game to gamify travel booking and exploration. The game will be launched in Hong Kong, eventually extending to other cities in China and around the world. Bodhi Travel aims to promote experiential learning of local culture, history and knowledge via interactive guided tours. Exploring the world has never been easier, quicker, and more fun than with Bodhi and Friends!

Bodhi English EdVenture (Target age: 6-10)

Explore 60 fantasy zones in the world of Sambolo in Bodhi English EdVenture.
  • Over 200 interactive games (aligned on English Learning Platform and aligned to Cambridge Young Learners ExaminationTM)
  • Choice of four Avatars (Bodhi, Darling, Honey, Freddy) with customizable outfits
  • Over 200 musical pets
  • Every pet has 100 levels of power
  • Feed and train pets by playing educational games to create the most awesome team
  • Pet battles feature special effects and magic
  • In-app purchases for items to customize your avatar
  • Multi-player mode: challenge your friends from all over the world in epic battles